58ELE/16CHLORO and 58ELE/18 Chloro Build

 Hello Guys, Snowroguem Here.
 This SPEC can Replace 61 Chloro

 i'll Make this Guide Simple, this is a dps heal spec PVE/Solo
 This SPEC REQUIRES AN ETERNAL WEAPON(Final Eternal Preffered)
  The only demerit with this spec is: It Doesn't have a Battle Rez
Here is the spec:Choose the ''Dom build'' if you need the Purification cleanse Dom:https://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#...EllWliA/d|TLXw
 Legendary:Elementalist:Elemental Burst, Elemental forces, Rushing Elements
 Chloro: Bloom
  Dom/Lock: Neural Prod/ Life leech
''The Ele/Chloro Utilize the 0.5 GcD and insta- cast time of the Crystalline Missle And The Mage Eternal Buff, To Heal fast and good. The Elemental forces Helps with The DPS Greatly!''
 PreBuff: Prismatic Armor,Lifegiving Viel or LifeBound Viel After summoning the Greater Air elemental: Conduit, Synergize
''The main objective is to keep the Cycle of fire and Prismatic armor proc running all the time''

 Macros i use:
#show Elemental Burst
cast Elemental Forces
cast Intensify Elements
cast Raging Elements
cast neural prod <--- only if you are using Dom
cast Elemental Burst
cast radiant spores
cast @self Arcane Manipulation
#show Fast Summon
cast fast summon
cast Summon: Greater Air Elemental
#show crystalline missiles
cast Crystalline Missiles
cast Raging Elements
cast Intensify Elements
cast ruin
cast Elemental Forces
cast @self Arcane Manipulation
#show Ignite
use Reliquary of Ingenuity*
cast Ignite
cast @self arcane manipulation
cast Elemental Forces
#show bloom
cast bloom
cast withering vine
#show volcanic eruption
cast volcanic eruption

#show rushing elements
cast rushing elements
cancelbuff legendary rushing elements
 Rotation:: Start with the ''Ignite'' macro, Once ignite is cast, Move on to spam the ''CD'' Macro and once the Elemental Burst is cast, Keep on Spamming the ''Spam'' macro until the first 10 second of Fire Cycle is down> Use the ''Volcan'' Macro "Don't cast it, spam it twice to stop the casting", you just need the Volcanic eruption To Refresh your Fire cycle >''Ignite'' macro and ''Spam'', Once the Fire cycle is down again, Use the ''Rushing'' Macro ''Press it twice to cancel the buff'', Again this is only used to refresh your Fire cycle, and Spam The ''Spam'' Macro. Repeat From the start once the fire cycle is down!
Use ''Bloom'' Macro, when you Need some emergency quick Heals and to Put Withering Vine on your target.
Other Spells:
 ''Reclaim Element' ''To Sacrifice your pet to heal you whole''
 Dark TOUCH 'Use this at the beginning to DoT the target with dark touch and life leech "Put this in a diff action bar slot as it is instant'' ''helps with Proc'ing the Prismatic armor''