61 Mystic Archer / 13 Harbinger / 2 Dominator

-Piercing Beam
-Elemental Barrage
-Arcane Bolt Storm
-Elemental Rupture
-Neural Prod
From left to right, bottom to top.
 Soul Tree
cast Paths Rewritten
cast [notactive] charged blade
cast Neural Prod
cast Flash Fire
cast @self Arcane Manipulation
cast Earthen Sunder
cast @gtae Shock Dispersal
cast Thunder Blast
cast Arcane Shot
#show Piercing Beam
cast Piercing Beam
cast Elemental Barrage
 Different kind of Proc:
#show Elemental Rupture
cast Arcane Bolt Storm
cast Elemental Rupture
1-) Always start fights with 10 Charges of Elemental Bolts."Summoning Quiver" will do the job.
2-) Use your buff macro at the start and every time your "Piercing Beam" buff goes off use buff macro again no matter how many elemental bolts you have. This will refresh your debuff("Elemental Barrage") on the boss and keep it's stacks at 10.
3-) Lets explain what is Different Kind of Proc:
-After using your buff macro, you start using spam macro, once you have 4 charges of "Elemental Bolts" and you have "Arcane Bolt Storm" off cd = it is your proc time Unless your piercing beam buff is about to go off in 5 secs.
-If it is your proc time use "Arcane Bolt Storm" and "Temporal Shot" then use "Elemental Rupture"(BE CAREFULL dont use "Elemental Rupture" twice because at the first time it will have no cd and you can accidentally use it but if you do it wont deal much damage and have a big cd.)
- After this combo check your piercing buff cause you are probably running out of time
and keep spamming your spam macro.
4-) Keep those buffs up: -Charged Blade -Lightning Charge
-Dont use "Elemental Gifts". I think They should change this buff it is totaly useless for dps or add another one for dps that helps with the "Elemental Bolts" instead of losing them.
-If you lose 10 stacks of "Elemental Barrage" debuff on boss it means u are screwed.
-I think being Archer is amazing but seems like they didn't think of any way to play it, they just added some cool skills and let it be