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Our Guild
« on: December 05, 2017, 11:26:34 PM »
Last Alliance Gaming has a guild on the Deepwood shard on Rift. Follow these instructions to find us to join our guild!

1) Launch Rift and make sure you are on the North America servers in the dropdown (red arrow) and than click Play (green arrow).

2) Rift calls their servers "Shards" and we are on Deepwood. Select this shard to play on (red arrow).

3) If you have a charcter already made on Deepwood, select it (green arrow). If you need to make a new character click Create (yellow arrow). If you have a character on a different "Shard" already, click transfer (blue arrow) and follow the steps to transfer it to Deepwood "shard". Click play to get into the game (red arrow)

If you are transferring a character, this is the box that will pop up, asking you to simply type transfer in the field to transfer from one shard to the other.

4) Now that you are playing hit the G key in game to bring up the guild finder. Type Last Alliance in the search (yellow arrow) and hit Search (green arrow). You will find us, as shown, and click message to send us a message, and we will send you a guild invite back (red arrow).

Notes: Factions do not matter for guilds, regardless of faction chosen, you can join our guild on Deepwood. To learn about races and factions: The "Shard" you choose to play on is specific for guilds, you can only join guilds on that shard. Shard Hopping does not transfer you to a shard to join a guild, you physically have to transfer over from the character screen.

What we offer: We have all 5 bank slots open, and grant more access than most other guilds to our bank. We keep over 20,000 platinum in our guild bank, to help out our guildies. We have a fully functional guild dimension equipped with; all practice dummies, guild bank, bank, mailbox, hangout, and interactive items. Our guild inventory is unmatched, and we have everything you need to level, progress, build dimensions, craft, complete artifact sets, obtain new minions, new pets, and much much more.

Our perks are:

Rift Extraction - Increases planarite gained from all sourcs by 12%

Journeyman - Increases chance of getting a second skill point from succesful trade skill attempts by 15%

Lucky Penny - Increases coin gained from looting monsters by 9%

Earthly Ties - Reduces cooldown of soulwalk by 10 minutes

Cache Finder - When earning token currency such as marks or fragments, you will gain 5% more

Tithe - Increases coin gained from looting monsters by 3%,and that increase is sent to the guild bank

Planar Knowledge - Increases planar attunement experience gained from kills by 6%

The buffs you can use by joining our guild are:

Killing Spree - Killing a player increases critical hit chance by 9% for 6 seconds, lasts 1 hour

Blood Thirsty - Killing a player heals you 15% of your max health over 10 seconds, cannot be applies more than once every 10 seconds, lasts 1 hour

Planar Protection - Increases resistances by 30, lasts 1 hour

Call of the Ascended - Bring all raid members within 50 meters back from the dead with 10% health and mana, cannot be used in combat, in dungeons all party members must be out of combat

Other Perks of joining:

Guild Rally Banner - Summons a banner that allows guild members to teleport to its location using a token

Combat Banners - To increase critical hit, spell critical hit, attack power, apell power, resistances, health and mana in raids and dungeons
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