Author Topic: 4.3 - EASY SHAMAN RAID SPEC - 2 BUTTONS  (Read 55 times)

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« on: December 04, 2017, 06:39:50 PM »
For those cleric alts and fellas that want an easy but competitive raid spec, here you go. It's not too far behind a proper played shaman spec. Just FYI, cleric eternal helps IMMENSELY with this spec!
#show Deep Freeze
cast Frozen Wrath
cast Deep Freeze
cast Glacial Strike
cast Massive Blow
cast Jolt
cast Punishing Strike
cast Icy Blow
cast Lightning Hammer
cast Glacial Shield
cast Rage of the North
cast Rush of Strength
cast Break Free
Start of fight: Fervent Strike - Icy Blow x2 (gets your +elemental damage buffs up)
Rest of Fight: Spam macro x5 - Eruption of Life x1
So you're just rotating doing 5x spam macro and 1x Eruption of life. This allows for maximizing your Eruption of life damage which does about the same dmg as glacial strike, so it's one your highest hitting abilities.
And also every 60 seconds cast Fervent Strike to keep that buff up.
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