Author Topic: Guide to Making an Impact as an Undergeared Player in PvP  (Read 62 times)

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Guide to Making an Impact as an Undergeared Player in PvP
« on: December 04, 2017, 06:10:56 PM »
1. Use Consumables
Consumables play a bigger role in PvP than even PvE. At the bare minimum, you should have your planar weapon buffs, Weapon Aegis and the free bloodthirsty buff obtained from PA (if you're in a damaging role). Those cost nothing and boost your output. If you don't have them, work towards them with your PA points.
Other consumables, in order of importance, include:
 Long Duration Consumables

 Short Duration/Instant Consumables

 2. Use PA PvP Abilities
PA abilities are often extremely underused in PvP. If you're a warrior (especially if you're healing), use Defend on teammates that are getting focused! Rogues have Cleanse Soul (complete self cleanse on a 2 minute cooldown) and Anathema (reduces healing received by 10%), both of which can make a significant difference. Clerics can use Overload and Retribution. Finally, Mages have the infamous Rift Tomb and Rune Shield (which is great with a charge pot).
These PA abilities don't scale with stats and are useful no matter how low your damage is.
 3. Play Support/Ranged
One of the silliest things I see undergeared players do is play melee DPS, especially on maps like Whitefall Steppes. If you're undergeared, you can make a much bigger impact playing support and ranged roles than DPS. Buffs, debuffs and utility do not scale with your AP/SP! Even if you can't get killing blows, covering the enemy team with debuffs and DoTs, and providing AOE pressure can be just as important as snipping down players.

I also do not recommend healing if you're very undergeared. Seeing the healer tag can cause players to feel that your team has enough healing. Also, if the enemy team is the slightest bit component, they'll hunt you down, and with low HP, a single DPS will probably be able to quickly kill you.
 4. Learn to LoS/Run Away
One of the most important skills in PvP is knowing when you're being targeted. Learning how not to be targeted is a crucial part of survival. Even if you're not doing much damage just the sight of a living ally can boost the morale of your team.
Learn what you're being hit by. Turn on ability icons (Settings - Interface - Screen Messages). If you can see that you're taking damage from firestorm, natural splendor and living storm, as opposed to deadeye shot, reaping harvest or ethereal blast, you'll have a much easier time knowing if you're targeted. Run away if you see those single target abilities on you!
Find pillars and bits of terrain that you can LOS behind! Examples are the trees in the corner of the middle area in Black Garden, and the central portal in Karthan Ridge.
Get a range meter addon (I recommend Gadgets). Ranged specs have a range of 35 meters.
 5. Play Specs that have Twisted Souls
Twisted Soul are two recently added debuffs that reduce a target's healing received. The Major version reduces healing received by 35%, while the Minor version reduces healing received by 15%. They both last 6 seconds and stack with each other, but only one can be on a target at any time. However, Twisted Souls (Minor) is typically attached to a passive buff or ability without a CD (and thus will generally always be up), while Twisted Souls (Major) tends to be attached to a 30 second CD ability.
The following abilities now apply Twisted Soul (Major)
  • Reaver - Infestation
  • Harbinger - Phase Step
  • Shaman - Numbing Cold (Cooldown increased to 30s for parity. No longer affected by GCD)
  • Nightblade - Dusk to Dawn
  • Dervish - Earthfall

The following abilities now apply Twisted Soul (Minor)
  • Nightblade - Fell Blades
  • Reaver - Necrotic Wounds
  • Marksman - Vampiric Munitions
  • Ranger - Wolf Pet Maul
  • Shaman - Crushing Blow
  • Harbinger - Reaper's Blade
  • Dervish - Lashing Wind

Playing as these specs, and placing Twisted Soul on priority targets (like strong healers or high burst DPS) will make a significant different to your team's performance. As a lower geared player, you can greatly aid your team by playing one of these specs (especially if it's ranged) and targeting through an allied player with high burst. Put the debuff on the target when they're being bursted, or when they're pressured
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