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Solo 61 Harbinger / 10 Chloro Guide in 4.3
« on: January 29, 2018, 01:41:51 AM »
This build is designed for leveling from 60-70 and soloing content at 70. Lots of self-healing and defensive abilities with respectable dps. This build is not designed for high single target dps. This build exists so we lone wolves can solo Utilla dailies, pick fights with elites, and giggle through the Maze of Steel.

  • Strong self-healing
  • Loads of defensive abilities.
  • 2nd best (mage) mobility behind Archers
  • Group and secondary target healing.
  • Can toggle LGV to prioritize damage or healing (see macros)
  • Decent AoE and single-target damage even with LGV active
  • Can't keep up with pure DPS or healer builds.
  • Lots of time spent in melee wearing tissue paper.

The Talents:
With Frostkeeper (better survivability):!88/SkFlaBllaGy/Fmyw|_f_w
Without Frostkeeper (better dps):|_f_w

65: Arcane Manipulation (take Phantom Stream if you need a big self-heal)
64: Sparking Destruction (nice range increase to Blade Rush)
63: Mental Cynosure (mana can be an issue if we miss an Introspection window)
62: Rejuvenating Presence (take Healing Expertise if you're still feeling squishy)
61: Overflowing Vitality (currently has 20% better effective healing than Arcanist's Shield)

Frostkeeper:  Rime
Harbinger: Empyrean Ascension, Vengeful Shock, Piercing Beam (replace with Reaper's Blade for better DPS but less overall healing)
Chloromancer: Bloom
NOTE: Please don't use Legendary Radiant Spores. It does ZERO healing and overrides the better, non-Legendary version from other mages. If you don't like Legendary Bloom because of the RNG attribute, just don't take a legendary in Chloro.

The Macros
Spoiler for Spam:
#show Vorpal Slash
cast @self Arcane Manipulation
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast Vorpal Slash
cast Storm's Fury
cast Rending Slash
cast Vengeful Shock
cast Introspection
cast Hail Blast
NOTE: Replace Hail Blast with Withering Vine for a little extra healing while moving.

Spoiler for Bloom:
#show Bloom
cast @mouseover Bloom
cast Conditioned Response
cast @mouseover Rime

Spoiler for Beams:
#show Piercing Beam
cast Piercing Beam
cast Blazing Light

Spoiler for Kill Veil:
#show Lifegiving Veil
cancelbuff Lifegiving Veil
Spoiler for Karuul Alerts:
Lets you know when Legendary Piercing Beam is missing/expiring, Empyrean Ascension is off CD, when LGV is missing, and when Bloom and Conditioned Response are off CD.

Eldritch Armor
Frost Barrier
Reaper's Blade

Situational Buffs
Lifegiving Veil - ONLY activate when in need of healing. Use the Kill Veil macro to remove it
Luminous Weapon - ONLY used against 5+ targets. Can't be active at the same time as Reaper's Blade unless Legendary.
Lightning Blade - ONLY used if you take Legendary Reaper's Blade

The Core Skills
Legendary Empyrean Ascension:
Genuinely overpowered cooldown. 40% increase to all damage. Plus an additional 100% increase to slashing attack damage. 60% increase to cast time spells, and 20% reduced damage taken. The 1 minute cooldown can almost be cut in half due to the legendary effect for roughly 40% uptime on this buff. You can put this ability in your spam macro, but I recommend casting it manually since it blocks mounting and doubles as a nice defensive CD.

Tempest Winds:
Our highest damage ability. Channels for high damage over 3 seconds, then a big hit at the end of the channel. Can be cast while moving, but the 10 yard range means we can't wander too far from the target. Try to always let this skill finish the full 3 sec. channel. Interrupting the cast is a big DPS loss.

Spam Macro:
Nice, lazy macro that includes our mana regen (Introspection), Legendary Vengeful Shock, and our spammable melee/range abilities. Make sure to hit this macro more than once per GCD to ensure that you trigger the Legendary version of Vengeful Shock between hits.

Legendary Piercing Beam (macro):
Nice boost to our total damage and healing. Also great for aggroing mobs at range as part of our opener. Due to the way its multipliers work, it's actually more like a 12-14% buff, but it's still really nice for our purposes. The macro's 2nd use applies Blazing Light, which also works as a boost to our defense and damage.

Legendary Bloom (macro):
You'll quickly develop a love/hate relationship with Legendary Bloom. It fires up to (but not always) 5 Vile Spores at random (VERY random) targets. The Vile Spores do strong burst damage and proc LGV, but those little guys don't care about combat or LoS. I've seen my spores go after enemies behind me and through walls. The macro contains Conditioned Response and Legendary Rime to provide healing to either us or our mouseover target.

Vile Spores:
Ranged damage ability only used when Eldritch Armor procs to make it instant-cast. This skill restores a large amount of Charge and procs LGV healing when that buff is active.

Lucent Slash:
Spammable AoE that does decent damage, applies DoTs to all targets hit, spreads Blazing Light (from our Rejuvenating Presence Mastery), and procs healing from LGV.

Lifegiving Veil (LGV) & Kill Veil Macro:
Buff that causes all of our damage to heal ourselves and up to 10 party/raid members. This buff is only used when you or your party are in need of healing because it drastically reduces your damage while active. Use the Kill Veil Macro to turn it off when the pain stops.

The Rotation
  • Beams Macro - hit once for DPS/healing buff, twice for less DPS but better defense
  • Spam Macro - keep hitting it until Rending Slash is applied to the target
  • Empyrean Ascension
  • Tempest Winds
  • Bloom - ONLY if using Legendary version
  • Vile Spores - ONLY when made instant cast by Eldritch's Armor procs
After the opener is finished, the rotation is replaced with prioritizing skills. In order of importance:
  • Empyrean Ascension
  • Refreshing Legendary Piercing Beam
  • Tempest Winds
  • Legendary Bloom
  • Vile Spores - ONLY on Eldritch Armor procs
  • Spam macro
2 Targets:
  • Apply Blademark to weaker or non-priority target
  • Single target rotation on the other target
3-4 Targets:
  • Legendary Bloom
  • Lucent Slash spam
5+ Targets:
  • Buff Luminous Weapon
  • Beams macro x2 - applies Blazing Light
  • Lucent Slash spam - spreads Blazing Light
NOTE: Don't forget to reapply Reaper's Blade when going back to single target, or Lightning Blade if you take Legendary Reaper's Blade.

When it starts to hurt (defensive skills):
When it hurts a little:
  • Empyrean Ascension
  • Buff Lifegiving Veil
  • Legendary Bloom and Conditioned Response - use on CD via Bloom Macro
  • Vile Spores procs  - prioritize over Tempest Winds and Piercing Beam
  • Spam macro
When it hurts a lot
  • Empyrean Ascension
  • Buff Lifegiving Veil
  • Essence of Wind
  • Planar Shield
  • Bloom macro - use on CD for both Bloom and Conditioned Resposne
  • Vile Spores procs
  • Spam macro
When it hurts too much:
  • Buff Lifegiving Veil
  • Bloom Macro - use on CD
  • Essence of Wind
  • Planar Shield
  • Planar Retreat - teleport backwards away from the bad
  • Storm Shroud - stealth, break combat, run to safe place
NOTE: Remember to remove LGV using the Kill Veil macro when you are no longer taking heavy damage.

Situational Defensives:
  • Radiant Spores - small chance to heal whenever someone hits the target. Only use for long fights. Don't override 61 chloro healers.
  • Withering Vine - small DoT and AoE heal over 16s. Instant cast. Useful on long fights and while moving.
  • Disabling Shock - 5 sec stun. 30 sec CD.

Other Useful Abilities
Storm Shroud:
Stealth, removes threat, and makes your next 3 abilities crit. Great way to break out of combat, or can be used prior to your opener for a nice DPS burst.
Phantom Blades:
Increases range of all single-target melee abilities to 30yds for 15 sec. Great when that one enemy just won't get out of the lava.
Debuff that duplicates most of your single-target attacks onto the target. Useful against 2-3 targets. Apply to one enemy; then hit a different one for almost double damage.
Essence of Wind:
Big defensive CD. 40% dodge chance and 50% move speed for 15 sec. Great for dealing with heavy incoming damage or just plain running away.
Planar Shield:
Another big defensive CD. Reduces damage from the next 5 incoming hits. Only a 1 sec CD, but costs 50 charge.
Planar Retreat:
Teleport backwards 20 yards and remove CC from yourself. 20 sec CD. Nice escape skill, or you can spin around and use it as a forward teleport once you get the timing down.
Blade Rush:
"Look, ma, I'm a warrior!" Yes, we have a charge. Decent range, short CD, does a little damage, and stuns nearby targets for 4 sec. Nice for gap closing or chasing a moving target. Can be a nice addition to your opener if it's safe to rush into melee.
Distracting Slash:
Good ol' interrupt. Instant cast, off the GCD, and 10 sec CD.
Glaring Fetters:
Reduces enemy movement speed by 30% and does a little damage when they try to move. Mostly useful in PvP, but you can have some fun using it to kite mobs around.
Phase Step:
Your next 3 attacks teleport you to the target and apply Rift's version of Mortal Strike (reduced healing). I honestly haven't found a use for this skill outside of PvP, and it kind of makes me dizzy to teleport around that fast.

Advanced Tips:
Spoiler for Adv Tips:
  • A popular third soul for this build is Arbiter. While it is an overall DPS increase on paper, using that soul means you are maintaining two separate 30sec buffs via two low-damage skills which are both on the GCD (Legendary Galvanic Strike and (Legendary) Piercing Beam). This means that unless you are refreshing both of these buffs with less than 1 sec remaining and the mobs are dying towards the end of both buff durations, you're doing extra work for less than a 5% damage increase. As this build is designed for soloing, that much work for a tiny bit of min/maxing on top of a loss in healing isn't really desirable.
  • Storm Shroud is an amazing skill that makes us into a makeshift Rogue every 20 sec. Use it to drop combat after killing your target or to sneak in and burst the target before running away with Planar Retreat and Essence of Wind. However, don't try to use it after pulling a mob as it will reset and make you start over. Also avoid trying to put it into a macro for the same reason.
  • Planar Retreat can be used as a forward teleport once you master the timing of quickly spinning 180 degrees, teleporting, and spinning another 180 degrees to continue the same direction. This technique is great for quickly leaving an area or simply covering terrain more quickly. Just be careful, it can't teleport you off of a cliff, but it will put you right at the edge.
  • Once you get the hang of the basic skills, you may want to remove the "cast [notactive] Charged Blade" from your Spam macro. Doing this allows you to manually toggle the skill and build charge more quickly for extra uses of Planar Shield during heaving incoming damage.
  • Legendary Bloom can be a massive self or raid heal if used while LGV is active on top of a nice DPS burst. All 5 Vile Spores proc individual heals from LGV on top of the heal from Bloom. However, don't rely on the Vile Spores too much since the actual number of spores fired can be zero (it's a random number from 0 to 5 per cast).
  • AoE can be very tricky in terms of maximizing damage. You may find that 3-4 targets requires swapping between Lucent Slash spam and your single target rotation to avoid overwriting your DoTs too often, and 5+ target AoE is still limited to 5 total targets per attack.
  • Legendary Reaper's Blade may initially seem like a clear winner over Legendary Piercing Beam because of the higher damage and better synergy with your other blade buffs. However, the non-legendary version of Piercing Beam is reduced to melee range, which makes putting it into a macro difficult due to it's short CD as well as making it less effective as an opening attack. You'll also find that the ability to aggro enemies at range while simultaneously buffing your damage and healing to be pretty convenient compared to other skills which only accomplish one or the other.

Edit 1: Formatting, gud grammar, and added Advanced Tips.
Edit 2: Clarified info about buffs and Legendary Reaper's Blade.
Edit 3: More Advanced Tips.
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Re: Solo 61 Harbinger / 10 Chloro in 4.2
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Fantastic build, Thank you for the dedication on making these build guides for us!
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