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61 Chloro / 11 Harb / 4 FK Guide in 4.3
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This guide is for new Chloromancers that need a little help figuring out what skills to use and when. Chloros are a bit unlike other classes in that we can't really throw a bunch of skills into a couple of macros and call it a day. Most of our abilities are very situational, so (hopefully) this will clear up exactly when each of our 30+ abilities needs to be used.

  • Massive raid healing
  • Decent tank healing
  • AoE cleanse on a short CD
  • Healing by damaging enemies (What's more fun than smacking a boss and healing your whole raid?)
  • Respectable raid healing during short movement phases
  • Can tank and raid heal with one role
  • Strong mana regen
  • Weak tank healing during high movement encounters
  • RNG from Legendary Living Aegis procs can mess with raid healing
  • No easy access to purge or interrupt
  • Huge healing loss when unable to hit enemies
The core of Chloromancer healing comes from our 2 veils: Lifegiving Veil (raid) and Lifebound Veil (tank). Only one veil can be active at a time. Lifegiving Veil is a buff you apply to yourself for raid healing, and Lifebound Veil is automatically applied to you when you put Synthesis on the tank. Chloros use very different abilities for each healing "mode".

The Talents:!8f/FkGGiBiAGl4/St88|TIXg


65: Phantom Stream (Huge single target heal or decent damage; stay away from Mending Response. It applies a 1 min. debuff blocking similar buffs)
64: Calculated Annihilation (none of the others affect healing)
63: Eldritch Swiftness OR Coalesced Resolve (Eldritch for movement, Coalesced for improved battle rez)
62: Healing Expertise
61: Bulwark of Souls (just for the auto-refresh of Radiant Spores)

Frostkeeper: Rime
Chloromancer: Living Aegis, Bloom, Healing Torrent
Harbinger: Piercing Beam
NOTE: Legendary Radiant Spores is ONLY for tanks. It does ZERO healing, and overrides the better version from other Chloros. This legendary should never be used by a Chloromancer.

Most of these are only necessary if you prefer mouseover healing. Corrosive Spores and Nature's Cleansing are the only macros you'll need if you prefer to click on targets to heal them.

NOTE: Do NOT try to combine your AoE heals or big single target heals into single, one-button macros. Chloros are not like other healers. Our spells are not designed to have a strict cast order, nor are they easily prioritized due to their functionality.
Spoiler for Corrosive Spores:
#show Corrosive Spores
cast Corrosive Spores
cast Vile Spores
cast Ruin
cast Piercing Beam
cast Withering Vine
NOTE: I don't include the "suppressmacrofailures" command in my single-cast macros so that I still get range or LoS warnings when using mouseover heals.
Spoiler for Natural Healing:
#show Natural Healing
cast @mouseover Natural Healing
Spoiler for Bloom:
#show Bloom
cast @mouseover Bloom
cast @mouseover Resurgence
Spoiler for Healing Torrent:
#show Healing Torrent
cast @mouseover Healing Torrent
Spoiler for Essence Surge:
#show Essence Surge
cast @mouseover Essence Surge
Spoiler for Nature's Cleansing:
#show Nature's Cleansing
cast @mouseover Nature's Cleansing
cast @group01 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group02 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group03 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group04 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group05 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group06 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group07 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group08 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group09 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group10 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group11 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group12 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group13 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group14 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group15 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group16 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group17 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group18 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group19 Nature's Cleansing
cast @group20 Nature's Cleansing
Spoiler for Symbiosis:
#show Symbiosis
cast @mouseover Symbiosis
Spoiler for Synthesis:
#show Synthesis
cast @mouseover Synthesis
NOTE: Add "y Synthesis on %t" (without quotes) beneath "#show Synthesis" to call out your target's name. Will only work if you click on the target, %t can't pick up on mouseover casts.
Spoiler for Soul Tether:
#show Soul Tether
y Rezzing %t
cast @mouseover Soul Tether
NOTE: You may want to remove the @mouseover from the macro since you have to click on the target to get the %t to work. I keep it in there just so the battle rez will go off even if my click on the target doesn't register. For me, landing the rez quickly is more important than the chat notification.

Spoiler for Karuul Alerts:

Living Aegis
Lightning Charge
Lifegiving Veil (ONLY for raid healing)
Frost Barrier (can be cast on self or other high priority raid member if running with multiple Chloros)
Synthesis (ONLY for tank healing)

The Core Skills:
Raid Heals:
Spoiler for Raid Heals:
Lifegiving Veil:
Heals up to 10 friendly targets when doing damage (party and raid players only, does not heal players outside of party, does not heal pets). Non-life damage skills proc small healing. Life damage skills heal for more, and life skills with longer cast times heal for the most (does not apply to non-life skills). DoTs only heal on their first tick of damage (except Corrosive Spores).
Vile Spores (Corrosive spores macro):
Our primary raid healing ability. Medium cast time, large heal from LGV. Made instant cast by Living Aegis procs. Also procs a small second heal from Nature's Corrosion's first tick. Builds stacks of Boon of Life. We spam this macro until high damage spikes or movement phases.
Radiant Spores:
Debuffs the target and spreads to up to 8 enemies. Chance to heal any friendly player (including non-party members) when they hit the debuffed target. Automatically refreshed by Vile Spores and Ruin. Cast it once and watch your Kalerts. Only one mage can have this on the target at a time. Talk to your fellow Chloros to make sure you don't fight over who applies it.
Withering Vine:
Instant cast that puts a DoT on the target. The DoT procs AoE healing around the target and a small heal from LGV on its first tick. Nice filler spell when the damage isn't high, but one of our weakest heals. 3 target limit.
Legendary Healing Torrent:
Huge heal on the 10 lowest health raid members. Also places a big HoT on every target healed for 6 sec. on a 25 sec CD. Try to save it for big raid damage, and use your Boon of Life stacks to make it instant cast.
Wild Growth:
Another huge heal on 10 raid members. Consumes all charge and heals for more per point of charge spent. The heal also applies a buff that increases Chloro healing by 40% for up to 10 sec based on charge consumed. Use for big raid damage, try to be as close to 100 charge as possible when casting. 1 min. CD.
Another 10 man instant cast heal. 20 sec CD. Only heals for slightly more than a single cast of Vile Spores, but the instant cast makes it handy for quick top-off healing and movement phases.
Tank Heals:
Spoiler for Tank Heals:
Lifebound Veil:
We never actually apply this buff to ourselves; it's automatically applied by casting Synthesis. It heals 5 targets instead of 10 for significantly less than LGV, but heals from LBV are massively increased on our Synthesis target.
Buff applied to the tank. Automatically puts LBV on you. Massively increases healing to the target and procs extra healing from certain skills. Can't be active at the same time as LGV. Can't apply it to yourself. Only one Synthesis per target, so talk to your fellow Chloros to avoid confusion.
Void Life:
3 sec. channel. Hits 3 times (one hit per second with a 1 sec delay before it hits). Procs big heal on the Synthesis target (tank) and builds 3 stacks of Boon of Life. This is our primary spam skill when tank healing.
Corrosive Spores:
Instant cast single target hit, also applies a DoT that hits 5 enemies near the target over 8 sec. Procs a huge heal on the Synthesis target, and is the only DoT that procs veils on every tick. Save this for damage spikes on the tank and movement phases. Only an 8 sec. CD, so don't be too conservative with it.
Instant cast, single target bolt. Procs a big heal on Synthesis and a small second heal from the first tick of Nature's Corrosion. 15 sec CD. Use this as a backup heal for movement phases and damage spikes on the tank. Not quite as good as Corrosive Spores due to travel time and the longer CD. Lots of Chloros put this in their spam macro in front of Vile Spores, but this is a generally bad practice since it is less raid healing than Vile Spores and shouldn't be burned on CD when tank healing.
Nature's Touch:
Another single-target bolt. 6 sec. CD. Procs a huge heal on the tank. The cast time and CD are reduced to zero with stacks of Boon of Life. Cast at 4-5 stacks of Boon of Life whenever the tank needs to be topped off. Can be cast every 5th tick of Void Life or saved for spike damage and movement.
Phantom Stream:
3 sec channel. Heals the target for 50% of the caster's max HP 3 times, or damages an enemy for ~250k damage. This can be a nice tank heal during movement phases since it can be channeled while moving, or used for a little bit of DPS when incoming damage is low.
Heals for Both:
Spoiler for Heals for Both:
Legendary Living Aegis:
Our trusty Chloromancer mage armor. 10% bonus to max HP, life damage, and healing. Heals us when we take damage, and has a 20% chance on heal to proc Explosion of Life making our next 6 Vile Spores or Natural Healing casts instant and only have a 0.5 sec GCD. The EoL procs are incredibly powerful for raid healing, but not very useful for tank healing and can be a tad unreliable due to RNG.
Legendary Piercing Beam:
Instant cast, single target beam. Increases all healing and damage done by 20% for 30sec. Only use this skill to maintain the buff on yourself. It also procs a small heal from our veils.
Legendary Bloom:
Instant cast. Large single-target heal. 10 sec. CD. Fires up to 5 Vile Spores at enemies near the target of the heal. The heal is nice, and the Vile Spores can proc big healing from your veils. However, the number of Vile Spores and the targets they hit are very random. Can fire 0-5 shots, and multiple spores can hit the same target. Use this as a spot heal, but don't rely too much on the Vile Spores healing.
Natural Healing:
Single target heal. 1.5 sec. cast. Living Aegis procs make it instant-cast. This is our only spammable heal when there are no enemies to attack. Primarily used to top off raid members between phases and after fights. Can be used to spot heal raid members when tank healing since Living Aegis procs are otherwise wasted.
Cleansing Rush:
AoE cleanse. 10 sec. CD. Removes 1 debuff from 10 raid members. Very nice for specific fights, such as multi-squirrels in QF and the first boss in TD. Also heals the target for 6% of your HP if it successfully removes a debuff.
Essence Conversion:
Sacrifice 5% of current HP to restore 15% mana. Technically not a heal, but our only active mana regen skill. The HP damage is negligible due to the massive amounts of splash raid healing in the current expansion, but it does cost a GCD. Try to keep your mana over 50% and wait between damage spikes to use this skill.
Instant cast, single-target buff on a raid member for 10 sec. Increases healing done to that target from your veils. 50% bonus from LGV, 50% bonus from LBV, or acts as a temporary Synthesis if used on someone other than the Synthesis target. This buff can slide under the radar for a lot of Chloros. It's off the GCD, and can be applied to any raid member (including yourself). Use it to boost tank healing, keep that raid member alive that refuses to get out of the red stuff, or even heal both tanks at the same time. 45 sec. CD, so use liberally.
Natural Splendor:
8 sec. channel. AoE damage on a 1 min. CD. (2 min. depending on masteries) Costs charge while channeling. Very situational ability, but can pump out enormous raid healing against tightly clumped groups of mobs.
Soul Tether
Battle Rez. Instant cast. 5min. CD. Lets you revive a dead player while in combat. Be sure to communicate with your raid to avoid wasting more than one revive on a single dead player.
Essence Surge:
Instant cast, single target heal for 100% of your max HP. 1 min. CD. This is our "that guy is about to die" button. Instantly heals most players to full (Chloros have insanely high max HP) or tops off the tank after a big damage spike.
Resurgence (Bloom macro):
Instant cast, single-target HoT on a 10 sec. CD. This skill is primarily used to spot heal low risk targets. The heal isn't strong enough to prioritize over Bloom, so it's tucked into the bloom macro to be used as a backup single target heal.

There is No Rotation:
Chloromancers do not have a rotation. We spam a primary ability depending on tank or raid healing, and pop CDs as necessary. I'll list the primary spam abilities used during low damage, and then the strength of each heal from strongest to weakest. This isn't the order of skills, but should help you prioritize when to use your CDs. Chloros are not reactive healers, you should be constantly casting an ability from the low damage rotation between high damage spikes.

Raid Healing:
Lifegiving Veil is used at all times for raid healing. Don't try to buff Synthesis. It will replace LGV with LBV and kill your raid healing output.

Filler or Low Damage:
  • Radiant Spores - only one Chloro should be applying this debuff, preferably the raid healer
  • Legendary Piercing Beam - ONLY when the buff is missing or has less than 5 sec. remaining
  • Withering Vine - ONLY when the debuff is missing or has less than 3 sec. remaining
  • Spam - Vile Spores using Corrosive Spores macro
Raid Heals (strongest to weakest):
  • Wild Growth - ONLY use above 75 charge. Make use of the 40% buff after casting it.
  • Healing Torrent - make sure you have 4-5 stacks of Boon of Life to make it instant cast
  • Flourish - Mostly just for movement phases or quick heals when Living Aegis isn't proccing
  • Vile Spores (instant cast) - as long as Living Aegis is making Vile Spores instant, it is a stronger raid heal than the instant casts below
  • Nature's Touch (instant cast) - ONLY at 5 stacks of Boon of Life
  • Ruin - only used for movement phases
  • Vile Spores (full cast) - Vile Spores heals for more than Nature's Touch and Ruin while LGV is active, but the slow cast time needs to be accounted for between Living Aegis procs
Tank Healing:
Buff Synthesis on the tank - this will automatically apply Lifebound Veil. You never need to manually cast LBV.
Buff Frost Barrier on the tank, or a high priority raid member if the tank already has a Frost Barrier

Filler or Low Damage:
  • Legendary Piercing Beam - ONLY if buff is missing or has less than 5 sec. remaining
  • Void Life spam
Tank/Single Target Heals (Strongest to Weakest):
  • Essence Surge
  • Phantom Stream
  • Nature's Touch - ONLY at 4-5 stacks of Boon of Life
  • Corrosive Spores - the instant hit is the largest part of the heal, so be careful not to pre-cast it like your bolts with travel time
  • Symbiosis - take advantage of the instant cast and non-GCD to throw this out between casts for maximum effectiveness
  • Ruin - can be used to anticipate big damage on the tank by casting and allowing for travel time before the hit
  • Void Life
  • Bloom
  • Natural Healing (instant cast)
  • Resurgence
  • Natural Healing (full cast)

SEE REPLIES FOR USEFUL SKILLS AND ADVANCED TIPS... because I made the guide too long.
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Re: 61 Chloro / 11 Harb / 6 FK Guide in 4.3
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Other Useful Skills
Nature's Cleansing:
Single target cleanse. No CD. Spam the Nature's Cleansing macro when you need to cleanse 1-2 targets at a time, or mouseover a specific target to prioritize cleanse on them. Just remember we have an AoE cleanse on a short CD (Cleansing Rush) that takes priority for group cleansing.
Natural Conversion:
Single target debuff that causes the target's next damaging spell to heal its victim for 200% of the damage done. Extremely situational. Very few bosses have a big hit spell that doesn't kill the target or need to be interrupted, and there are a lot of enemy attacks that don't count as "abilities". However, it's off the GCD and can't hurt to cast, so feel free to play around with it. Can be useful in PvP.
Nature's Fury:
The ability that was forgotten (by the devs, anyway). 1.5 sec cast. 8 sec. CD. Shoots a projectile at your target that bounces to 4 enemies and does life damage to each target. This skill is kind of bizarre in that it's never the best option in any situation. It doesn't have very good healing, damage, or efficiency. Basically, it's something fun to cast for a tiny bit of extra damage against groups of mobs that don't require much healing.
Entropic Veil:
Toggled buff. Increases all damage and Chloro healing by 16%, prevents charge gain, and consumes charge while active. Honestly, an entire guide could be written just on this ability, but most Chloros barely use it until very late game content. It's best used for tank healing since we don't need the full charge bar for Wild Growth nearly as often. It should be used conservatively when raid healing since we need as close to a full charge bar as possible for Wild Growth casts. Its effect is applied at the moment your skills do damage or heal, so toggling it on immediately before casting a heal or landing a projectile, then toggling it back off afterward is the most efficient use of the skill. For Void Life, it needs to be active for the full duration of the channel, since cancelling it mid-channel will remove the healing bonus, keep the damage bonus, and continue to block charge gain. The most important advice I can give to new Chloros is do NOT try to macro this toggle. Putting it in front of an ability will add an extra-button press to that skill and delay your healing, or cause you to burn through charge and not have enough for a strong Wild Growth cast. If you want to become a toggle Chloro, manually control this skill.
Living Shell:
Instant cast, self-bubble. 30 sec. CD. This is an extremely situational skill as it should only ever be cast during phases of low-to-zero incoming damage, but before a predictable hit on yourself. However, your healing skills should always take priority. As an example: if you are using the Necro soul to purge golems in IRTOP, then casting this immediately before purging the buff can help to mitigate the big counter attack from the golem.
Instant cast. 30 sec. CD. Removes all HoTs from the target and reduces their healing received. Legendary version has a much shorter CD and also removes bubbles. Very useful in PvP, but only useful in PvP as very few enemies have HoTs that can be removed.

Advanced Tips:
Spoiler for Adv Tips:
  • Instant casts of Vile Spores and Natural Healing from Living Aegis can become spot heals for your opposite role. VS instant casts can be used to compensate tank healing during long movement phases when Void Life can't be channeled or to throw out a little extra raid healing when the tank isn't taking a lot of damage. NH instant casts can be used by raid healers to spot heal the tank during periods of low raid damage, or to top off individual raid members when there are no targetable enemies.
  • LGV and LBV only heal from the first tick of any DoT except Corrosive Spores, so remember that your DoTs aren't keeping up the raid when you have to stop casting. This is why we maintain Radiant Spores, Withering Vine, and Corrosive Spores as raid healers.
  • Healing from LGV and LBV is based on your spell power, bonuses to healing, type of damage (life vs all others), and base cast time of the skill. It is NOT affected by the damage of your abilities, so skills like Charged Blade and talents that increase ability damage will have no affect on your healing.
  • While Essence Conversion is a powerful mana regen too, it does cost a GCD to activate, so keep your mana above 50% and try to predict times when you can use it by recognizing when your healing role (raid/tank) will have at least 1-2 seconds of down time. Waiting until you are low on mana or trying to use it in the middle of a big damage spike can result in deaths.
  • Communication between healers, especially other Chloros, in your raid is absolutely critical. Never assume the other healer knows what you're thinking. The jobs of applying Radiant Spores, Synthesis, and calling out battle rez usage will make your lives much, much easier.
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