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PvE Warlocks
« on: November 26, 2017, 08:47:31 PM »
-Build 1 Description: This build will put your Warlock in the middle of the fight, tanking even more damage than a Titan could. Your melee hits are going to be absurdly strong thanks to Winter's Guile (you can kill a lost sector boss in 3 slaps), every kill will heal you (devour ability), and your Vigilance Wing will provide even more healing for you if your teammates die. This build may be a little selfish, but god damn do you feel unkillable with it. Use healing rift if you really enjoy never dying. (risk runner is optional as well since it will make you tankier and help manage large groups around you since you will be in the middle of the fight typically).

-Build 2 Description: With this build your going to spend a majority of your time in the air. Your sublass provides grenade and melee energy when you get airborne kills, your chest allows you to stay airborne when aiming (and dodge in the air), and you will be able to hip fire while gliding. Using a hand cannon is best here since it will be most forgiving on hip fires and it's the easiest to quickly aim in the air (you typically aren't going long range with this), but a scout in one slot is never a bad idea. Sunshot is suggested as it will make airborne kills very easy to manage (plus it adds to the awesomeness of your fire wings when the enemies are exploding in fireballs).

-Build 3 Description: Possibly the best support build you can run at the moment (sorry protector Titan). Your rift can heal (or add damage), reload everyone's weapons, and add arc souls for more damage and add control. Your rift will also recharge faster around allies, which you should always be since you're supporting them.


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