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Hunter PvE
« on: November 26, 2017, 08:46:11 PM »
-Build 1 Description: This build is nuts. Take it to any public event, especially glimmer extraction, and wreak more havoc than you thought possible. For those who aren't familiar, Orpheus Rigs work like this: For every enemy you tether, a portion of your super energy will recharge. It will take 8-10 enemies getting tethered to refill your super entirely, which is very easy to do in most PvE encounters. Wardcliff Coil allows for and easy spread of rockets that will wipe the entire squad you just tethered. We use Way of the Trapper because it makes the tether reach further and last longer, making it even easier to get our super back. I almost always run this build and I never run out of super. Using marksman's dodge and Wardcliff's passive reload means you'll almost never manually reload that rocket launcher.

-Build 2 Description: This build is just about the gunplay, even the super is about gunplay with "Six Shooter" the recommended exotic armor and weapons all affect how smoothly you can use the weapons and transition between them. If you just enjoy running and gunning, this build will be fun for you.

-Build 3 Description: While the previous build is about running and gunning, this build is just focused on the running aspect. Everything in this build will help increase your movement speed. I recommend high mobility as well, even though it doesn't affect sprint speed, it does affect other types of movement and will provide a better overall feel for the build if you're looking for quick movement.


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