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PvE Builds
« on: November 26, 2017, 08:45:09 PM »
-Build 1 Description: One of my personal favorites. The power in this build comes from your pulse grenades. Your subclass cluster gives you 2 grenades and your melees the ability to recharge your grenade energy. Your exotic helmet (Insurmountable Skullfort) makes your melees heal you and (the best part) your melee kills recharge your grenade energy. On top of that, your melee in this tree is a shoulder charge that does area damage on impact. 1-2 melee kills will recharge one grenade and 3-4 and you will have both grenades back. Take the Calus fight in the raid for example. First plate during damage you throw both grenades (huge dps on those by the way), no you need to move to the next plate, but on your way there you can shoulder charge a dog/beast and your melee will kill all dogs/beasts around the one you hit giving you a high chance of having both grenades back. You can do this for each plate, 8 pulse grenades total. The damage is absurd. The optional Fighting Lion is to take down shield and partial HP for easy shoulder charge kills, but it's abosultely not required.

-Build 2 Description: Another fun one, but it requires both exotics listed. Sweet Business will reload on ammo pickup, and Actium War Rig will reload your Assault Rifles as you fire them. Rally Barricade offers additional reload options, and your melee hits will also reload your weapon and increase stability. The point of this build is that you should almost never have to manually reload your weapon. Just hold that trigger until everything in your reserves is gone. (Note: it is possible to run Sunbreaker+Code of the Fire-Forged for this build as well)

-Build 3 Description: Want to feel like a support Titan again? This is the best way to do it. You have your towering barricade, your melee kills shield your entire team, you have a suppressor grenade for those enemies with annoying abilities, and you have your bubble for when shit hits the fan. Since your build is around supporting your team, fighting lion is the optional weapon, since it will take down shields very easily. The exotic helm is based around you taking damage, and, since this is your "tank build", it fits well. I do wish they had better options for bubble Titans (I assume we get some more exotics in the DLC in December), but this is what we have to work with for now.


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