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61 Warlock / 13 Dom Guide for 4.3 UPDATED version 2.0
« on: January 18, 2018, 12:22:49 AM »
This is a variation of the Lock/Dom build found on the mage forums. It's very strong for raids as well as solo content. The other versions of the build don't really go into much detail or have out-dated information about Legendary Neddra's Grasp, so hopefully, this helps people understand a little more about us Locks.

  • High single target and 2-3 target DPS
  • Good mobility (all DoTs castable while moving and facing/running away from targets)
  • Better survivability than most mage DPS builds due to self-healing and defensive CDs
  • Infinite Mana (Mana Wrench)
  • Almost zero Charge management
  • No minimum gear requirement
  • High skill cap
  • High ramp-up time compared to other dps builds
  • Unable to quickly swap between fast-dying targets
  • Weak 4+ target AoE
  • Steep learning curve while mastering the Conflux timing
An important thing to note with this build is that Rift supports snapshotting of DoTs and channeled abilities. Meaning that as long as you refresh your DoTs and start your channeling before the buffs expire, they will do full damage as if you had the buffs for the full duration of their damage.

The talents:|_ITw

65: Arcane Manipulation (Ethereal Blast is actually a tiny dps boost, but the extra GCD can mess up your DoT management)
64: Methodical Destruction
63: Your choice (I prefer Eldritch Swiftness. NOTE: the mana/charge increase from Mental Cynosure is not needed)
62: Healing Expertise (mandatory to allow more efficient DoT applications via Dark Touch)
61: Overflowing Vitality

Dominator: Neural Prod
Warlock: Void Barrage, Neddra's Grasp, Conflux
Arbiter: Galvanic Strike

Before we get to the macros, I highly recommend downloading and installing this addon (extract the folder inside the zip file to your Rift\Interface\Addons folder). It's not required, but it creates a /removebuff command that will drastically clean up your chat log when using the Spam macro below.

This will go away:


Spoiler for Void Bolt:
#show Void Bolt
removebuff Contaminate
cast @self Arcane Manipulation
cast Draining Bolt
cast Death's Door
cast Void Bolt
cast Glacial Spike
cast Voltaic Feedback
cast Galvanic Strike
NOTE: If you are not using the Removebuff addon, replace "removebuff" with "cancelbuff".
NOTE: Remove Death's Door from this macro and activate it manually for a 1-2% DPS gain.
UPDATE! Once you acquire your T6 eternal weapon, removing Death's Door to activate it manually is closer to a 3-4% dps increase.

Spoiler for Void Barrage:
#show Void Barrage
cast Neural Prod
cast Empowered Darkness
cast @self Arcane Manipulation
cast Conflux
cast Legendary Void Barrage
NOTE: Be careful when spamming this macro as hitting it again during the Void Barrage channel can interrupt it.

Spoiler for Persist:
#show Persist
cast @self Arcane Manipulation
cast Conflux
cast Persist
UPDATE: Contaminate has been removed from this macro due to causing a 7-10% DPS loss. See the advanced notes and changes to the rotation for more info.

Spoiler for 3 Interrupts:
#show Aversion
cast Choke
cast Aversion
cast Thunder Blast
NOTE: Take Thunder Blast out and put it on the bar if knockbacks become an issue for you. There are currently zero raid enemies that require interrupts that are vulnerable to knockback, so don't worry about it too much. Just be aware of it when future content hits.

Spoiler for Karuul Alerts:
UPDATE! to show remaining duration on Conflux and Empowered Darkness, when Lingering Torment or Galvanic Rush are missing, and when Void Barrage and Conflux are off CD. Also shows when Warlock Armor or Aqueous Blessing are missing. You will also want to add an extra alert to track Primal Energy (weapon proc) once your reach T6 eternal.

Warlock Armor
Aqueous Blessing
Neddra's Might

The Core Skills:
Legendary Galvanic Strike:
Gives you a 25% damage bonus when used at max charge (we will always be above 90). Only used to maintain the buff.

Legendary Conflux:
The heart of this build. Triple DoT tick rate and triple Mana Wrench damage. Lasts 30 sec on a 45 sec CD. This means almost 100% uptime if you time your DoTs just right.

Legendary Void Barrage and Persist (macros):
Legendary Void Barrage applies all of our DoTs (yes, all of them), and Persist refreshes them. No more manually casting individual DoTs!

Legendary Neddra's Grasp:
20% bonus damage to the target as soon as they use a skill. 100% uptime after the half-second or so it takes the enemy to hit someone.

Mana Wrench:
Does triple damage if the cast is started during Conflux. 10 sec CD. Massive damage and mana regen.

Consuming Agony:
A big hit that's only used when Warlock Armor or the Opportunity talent make it instant-cast. The game automatically pops up the big green square and blue spiral arrow-thingy on your screen. Does extra damage for every DoT on the enemy.

Void Bolt (Spam macro):
Our go-to filler spell. The Opportunity talent can make it instant-cast, but try to use those procs for extra Consuming Agony casts if it's off CD.

Toggled skill that prevents charge gain and spends 10 charge to increase DoT damage by 30%. This skill can't be active at the same time as Empowered Darkness (which is built into the Void Barrage macro), so only use it immediately before refreshing DoTs whenever the Empowered Darkness buff has expired.

Death's Door:
High damage DoT. 8 sec duration. 10 sec CD. Can only be used on targets at less than 50% HP. Use this during your spam windows after Mana Wrench. Should only be used when Conflux is active or has more than 10 sec remaining on its CD.

The Rotation:
  • Galvanic Strike - ONLY if missing or about to expire
  • Void Barrage Macro - keep mashing it until Void Barrage starts to channel. Don't wait for the Galvanic Strike global to finish. Neural Prod will buff your Primal Energy stacks from Eternal weapon, so no need for a primary bolt opener even at T6 and T7.
  • Mana Wrench
  • Spam window. Prioritize the skills below from top to bottom until Conflux has 17 sec remaining (18 if it's laggy)
    • Galvanic Strike - ONLY if less than 3 sec remaining on Galvanic Rush buff
    • Death's Door - if available
    • Consuming Agony - ONLY if Warlock Armor or Opportunity make it instant-cast
    • Void Bolt Macro spam
  • Persist Macro - keep mashing until DoTs are refreshed. Make sure to have at least 1 stack of Primal Energy.
  • Mana Wrench - the goal is to activate this with 1 sec or less left on Empowered Darkness
  • Spam Window until Conflux has 3 seconds left
    • Galvanic Strike - ONLY if less than 3 sec remaining on Galvanic Rush buff
    • Death's Door - if available
    • Consuming Agony - ONLY if Warlock Armor or Opportunity make it instant-cast
    • Void Bolt Macro spam
  • Contaminate toggled on
  • Void Barrage Macro - mash button until channel starts. Legendary Neural Prod will provide your Primal Energy stacks from eternal weapon procs.
  • Mana Wrench - if timed properly, you should start this cast with 1 second or less on Conflux but BEFORE it expires
  • Spam window until your DoTs have less than 3 sec remaining
    • Galvanic Strike - ONLY if less than 3 sec remaining on Galvanic Rush buff
    • Death's Door - ONLY if more than 10 sec remaining before Conflux comes off CD & target is below 50% HP
    • Consuming Agony - ONLY if Warlock Armor or Opportunity make it instant-cast
    • Void Bolt Macro spam
  • Dark Touch - DT is better than Persist for this part of the rotation as it will apply Legendary Neddra's Grasp to refresh Lingering Torment before your next Void Barrage, and Persist's CD would risk missing your narrow Conflux window to refresh DoTs
  • Defile - 3% crit buff before restarting rotation. Atrophy isn't needed
  • Spam Void Bolt Macro until BOTH Conflux and Void Barrage are off CD
  • Contaminate - toggle on
  • Start over from the top
NOTE: Never use Mana Wrench or the Void Barrage macro when the Conflux buff is missing.
It's better to wait for both Void Barrage and Conflux to come off CD than throw off your rotation and lose valuable Conflux-powered DoTs and glorious Mana Wrench damage.

When It All Goes Wrong
Your rotation WILL break. Whether it's mobs dying too fast, evil boss mechanics, the ever-dreaded lag spike, or my fat fingers hitting all the wrong buttons, you will need to be able to function during the <15 seconds of downtime before your next Conflux.
Spoiler for Broken Rotations:
Broken Rotation (missing Conflux buff):
  • Dark Touch
  • Atrophy - ONLY if missing entirely from the target
  • Defile - ONLY if missing entirely from the target
  • Void Bolt macro and Consuming Agony Proc spam - until Conflux AND Void Barrage are ready
Broken Rotation (Conflux buff active but missing DoTs):
  • Dark Touch
  • Void Bolt and Consuming Agony Spam - until either the 17 sec or 3 sec Conflux window
  • Resume single target rotation

AoE Rotation:
Unfortunately, there really isn't a "rotation" for Warlock AoE. Depending on the number of targets, your best damage will come from:

2 to 3 Targets:
  • Follow the single-target rotation until it's time for Mana Wrench
  • Radiate Death
  • Resume single-target rotation on primary DPS target
  • Use the Void Bolt macro/Contaminate proc window to manually cast/refresh Dark Touch and Atrophy on the non-primary targets
4+ Targets:
This is where life gets a bit harder for us Locks. However, if the mobs stay alive long enough, we can at least hold our own by casting:
  • Void Barrage macro - target the highest HP mob
  • Switch to next target
  • Dark Touch
  • Atrophy
  • Defile - ONLY for high health targets (i.e. Souls during Tarjulia fight in TD)
  • Switch to next target and repeat the Dark Touch/Atrophy casts
Damage Test with my crappy gear:
I messed up the rotation twice during this test, but hopefully this shows that despite it's high skill cap, this build is still somewhat forgiving.
Spoiler for Damage Parse:

Proof my gear is crappy:

Other Useful Skills:
Neddra's Essense:
2 minute defensive cooldown. 80% damage reduction for 7 sec.
1 minute defensive cooldown. Medium AoE that consumes Charge and heals you for 100% of the damage done. Huge healing, mediocre damage.
Salvage Corruption & Deathly Pall:
These skills allow you to strip your DoTs off the target and reapply them at full duration to another target. Also works to refresh DoTs on the same target if your rotation has gone horribly wrong. However, this skill won't
Mass Fear & Fear:
10 sec fear. The AoE version has a 30 sec CD. Breaks from damage, so limited usefulness.
Neddra's Torture:
Not a DoT, but does one-time damage after 8 sec. Does AoE damage when the target is cleansed. DPS loss in PvE. Only useful in PvP.
Radiate Death:
Spreads Dark Touch, Neddra's Grasp, Life Leech, and Atrophy to up to 2 nearby targets. Short range, but great for 2-3 target cleave.
Devouring Shadows:
6 sec channeled AoE. Weak damage. Only useful against large groups of low-HP mobs.

Advanced Tips:
Spoiler for Adv Tips:
  • Once you get the hang of the basic rotation, you'll start to notice that Lingering Torment from Legendary Neddra's Grasp either can't proc or rarely procs on certain encounters. However, maintaining this buff before casting Persist/Void Barrage/Mana Wrench is a significant DPS increase. To help us learn when and how often to manually apply Neddra's Grasp, we can update our Kalerts to notify you of when your Lingering Torment is missing from the target. This way, you will only have to cast Neddra's Grasp or Dark Touch when it will proc into Lingering Torment (some enemies rarely use abilities at all), instead of including it in a rotation and potentially losing DPS.
  • Salvage Corruption and Deathly Pall can be used to salvage 8) your rotation if/when Persist and Void Barrage are out of sync by casting them in order on the same target (DoTs applied by Deathly Pall are applied at max duration, not the duration at which they were removed). They can also be used to quickly swap your DoTs to a new or priority target, but remember that Salvage Corruption removes most of your DoTs which means less overall damage than manually casting them in many situations.
  • Mana Wrench cannot be cast while moving, so it's going to be interrupted by... pretty much everything. Going into your Void Bolt and Consuming Agony spam early helps make up for the lost damage. Just remember to maintain the 17 and 3 sec. Conflux windows.
  • If you can anticipate the 3rd Mana Wrench being interrupted at the end of your Conflux buff, then wait to cast the 2nd Void Barrage until <1 sec for higher uptime on your Conflux-buffed DoTs.
  • Only Mana Wrench is removed from your rotation during movement phases. All other abilities (including all 3 DPS macros) can be cast while moving, and many of them can be cast while facing away from the target (Dark Touch, Atrophy, Defile, and instant-cast Consuming Agony).
  • Once you get your T6 weapon, you have to track your stacks of Primal Energy. As long as you keep Legendary Neural Prod in front of Void Barrage in your Void Barrage macro, you only need to make sure to have at least 1 stack before casting Persist. The CDs line up perfectly so that Legendary Neural Prod will always provide the Primal Energy stacks you need before casting Void Barrage.
UPDATE! Guide updated to version 2.0. Major overhaul to both the rotation as well as the advanced tips and macros.
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Re: 61 Warlock / 13 Dom Guide
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2018, 06:27:08 PM »
Amazing build/guide. Thank you!
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Re: 61 Warlock / 13 Dom Guide
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2018, 04:03:29 PM »
Feel free to post questions or criticism. I've been doing a lot of testing and theorycrafting with this build (can't do much else on the weekends since I'm out of town so much these days), so I'll continue to make changes as I discover them.

Update: Lingering Torment is super inconsistent depending on the target. Some bosses will use an ability every 1 sec and burn through stacks of Neddra's Grasp too quickly, other mobs will go several seconds without using an ability at all. This made the manual casting of Dark Touch and Neddra's unreliable as part of the regular rotation. It's better to just ignore it until you learn the rotation, then add the Kalert under Advanced Notes to learn when and how often to apply it depending on the encounter.
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Re: 61 Warlock / 13 Dom Guide for 4.3 UPDATED version 2.0
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2018, 12:27:23 AM »
Guide updated to version 2!

A few minor changes to our rotation. A big change to the Persist macro, and updated information for players who've unlocked the T6 or T7 versions of their Eternal Weapons! Don't forget to check out the Advanced Tips section once you've gotten the hang of the basic rotation.


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