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Title: Guild raids on Discord
Post by: (LaG)Taco Arcticstone on February 06, 2018, 12:59:57 PM
This is not a new idea. I think the leaders and officers should encourage, push, yank folks in guild sponsored Raids (and Dungeons for that matter) to the appropriate Discord channel. I don't think cutting down on socializing is the focus as much as reducing 3 ongoing conversations about 3 unrelated but equally important discussions in the General channel. If this is out of line, you can delete this thread.
Title: Re: Guild raids on Discord
Post by: (LaG)HateMosh on February 06, 2018, 01:05:38 PM
It isn't out of line. I would say if you are there to raid, or run dungeons with people, or do PvP, than it isn't only unfair to the people doing those, but also unfair to the people in general chat to have to hear raid or other chatter. We have kind of all just flocked to the most populated channel to all be together, which is amazing, but it is general chat, and we, as raiders, are more being unfair to the ones in general chat.

With that being said, on raid night if you are showing up at the 10 minute pre-deadline, you should be going to the Raid Rift channel on discord, not general chat because others are there. Also, if you have already been in Discord, I think you should watch the time and excuse yourself to the Raid Rift channel at the deadline for raiding.

I will say for the raid leaders, it might not hurt to just stay up in, or check in general chat to make sure there is no one there that needs to be in the raid chat, but as a guild leader, co-leader, or raid leader in rift, you have the power to click and drag people to other channels in Discord.
Title: Re: Guild raids on Discord
Post by: (LaG)HateMosh on February 06, 2018, 01:12:08 PM
That being said, also, if any channels should be added, added to, for example: Raid 2 or Dungeon 2, we can do this, just let us know. We aren't limited on Discord to a certain amount of channels, Rift is our biggest game, and if we need to accommodate on Discord, it will happen, so just let us know and we can make the necessary changes so everyone has a place.

I do want to clarify, that I love that we all hangout together, and I know there are a few more serious gamers amongst us that do separate themselves to focus on what they are doing, and there is nothing wrong with that, I know for a fact no one is upset or hurt by it, and none talks badly about them or visa-versa. I also know that when they aren't focus on a task at hand, they do hangout, we all get along, and have fun, and separate ourselves when we get serious, its a perfect system. I just want to go on record and state that we all have different styles of gameplay, and that is why we have the separate channels. If it helps we can make more raid channels, or more general chat channels if there are just too many conversations going on, not an issue at all. I know too that some of you may group up and be working on your eternal quests and bring 5 along with you, and the other 8 that are in general chat are off on their own but just having discussions, we can accommodate that by creating these extra general channels, or questing channels, whatever it takes. If you have any suggestions, you can PM me on here, or in game, send me mail, or reply, no idea is stupid when it comes to making Rift shine here, because as I stated, we are the biggest game in this community, and unlike other communities I have been in, we have a TON of us who use Discord and talk, and use the website, and it makes us look good in the community. Simply give me your ideas and I will act upon them to make it better for everyone! Love yall <3
Title: Re: Guild raids on Discord
Post by: (LaG)Aggrodaumus on February 08, 2018, 05:51:58 PM
Excellent ideals to go by here.

It's well worth being able to move channels for focused group events and not have it taken or intended as a slight to anyone or anything else going on. I agree it can certainly help and as we get more guildies involved on group-based events to separate from other conversations; especially when we move onto things like TD Normal, and IROTP.

All in all, everyone has progressed almost naturally into how we handle group content.
Title: Re: Guild raids on Discord
Post by: (LaG)HateMosh on February 09, 2018, 07:51:23 AM
I have created 4 Raid channels, 2 Dungeon channels, and 2 General Discussion channels now.

Please remember to not interrupt raids as they are going on, they are on Thursday and Saturday nights 7 Server time. When raiding is finished, people will jump back into chat channels I am sure.

Thank you all!